Puddletown Publishing Group

68 Days and Still Counting

In Susan LS on March 11, 2011 at 2:34 am

As of today, Puddletown Publishing Group has been around for a little over two months. We’ve gone through the usual organizational challenges: form, storm, norm, reform. I’d say we’re into our second pass through the cycle.

But as we continue to find ourselves as a publishing house, we are also working like little maniacs. And it shows. On March 20th, just 10 days from today, we hold our first launch party. Four authors will be published that day, and hopefully three more that we’ve signed will join them in reading from published or soon-to-be published works.

I even bought something new to wear. After years of working in my home office, in jeans, sweatshirts, and slippers, I realized that I have to look professional. Hint: It’s red.

We’ve learned a lot in the last two months. Renee and I make a good team, we have complimentary skills, and we are only two women. We’ve learned that we need to let other folks carry part of the burden. I originally envisioned that I would know all parts of the business. But I don’t have time. Between reading, editing, and handling social marketing, I now realize that I can’t go without sleep. So we’ve got someone on board doing our e-book formatting and other stray tasks that need doing. We have graphic artists on the job. Someone is reading books for us and making acquisition decisions. And we’ll probably soon need someone to help with marketing.

As I said, we’re only two people.

But, in less than two weeks, we’re having a party. All of our authors will read, I’ll give a little speech, and there will be chocolate. If you want to know why, come to the party. (I will explain later since I know not everyone can come.) But here’s the details if you can:


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