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27 days and counting

In Renee LaChance on January 29, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Susan does a great job relaying the birth of the Puddletown Publishing Group notion. I feel compelled to talk a little about what kept me from doing it years ago.

My best friend works at a bookstore and ebooks threaten the security of her job. I felt I would be going to the darkside to build a business in an industry that could devastate booksellers, and my friend’s livelihood. (Okay, full disclosure, I am a Leo. Predisposed to extreme loyalty and the belief that we have control over everything in the world.)

I realized, at the birth of our great notion, that ebooks and print books are not mutually exclusive. Combine ebooks with print on demand, and booksellers can order copies and sell them as well.

These 27 days have been a wild ride. My publishing experience is old and ebook technology is a huge learning curve for me. My old Just Out crew is probably laughing out loud because they dragged me kicking and screaming into the desktop publishing age.

Ebooks are the same thing — digital format that can be printed on demand or published for digital readers. This is a good fit for me. It utilizes old school publishing with new school technology and meets the sustainable criteria that steers my decisions. Fewer trees are killed in the process since books are not warehoused, they are printed as needed.

Though ebooks have been around for over a decade, the technology to read them had not gone mainstream until just this year. Add to the Kindle the release of Apple’s iPad and the NOOKcolor, and ebook sales are rumbling to tsunami status. Sales of ebooks are outpacing hardcover sales at Amazon and paperback sales at Barnes and Noble.

I remain committed to partnering ebooks with brick and mortar bookstores. I think print on demand (POD) is the answer.

That New Year’s after party where 2011 was still a brand new baby full of possibilities, the question evolved from “why do ebooks?” to “why aren’t you doing ebooks?” and I didn’t have a good answer.


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