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26 days and counting…..

In Susan LS on January 29, 2011 at 6:31 am

I almost didn’t go to the party. It was January 2nd, I was in a crabby mood, full of post-holiday angst, and a string of parties had worn me out. I even proposed staying home, but Jenny said we could leave when I got tired. I took my Nook just in case. Introverts never know when they’ll need a book in the middle of a party.

Renee greeted me as I came in the door and gave me a gift she made sometime last summer, a button that reads: Butch Nerd. A long story, for another time, but it made me laugh. I mingled, I ate, I showed off my button, I talked to strangers. Finally, I took a seat in the “quiet” venue, the living room. Right next to Renee. I pulled out my Nook, she pulled out her cell phone, and right away we were talking about ebooks. Within the hour, we knew how we’d be spending the next year. Or decade.

Two days later, Renee alerted me to a speaker at the Willamette Writer’s group. We went, the woman validated everything we’d both been thinking, and within days Puddletown Publishing Group had a name and a vision. We tried to get this bratty young author to publish with us, but she was set on going “traditional.” Thought she’d worked too long, too hard to settle for e-pub. But she’s a research geek and two weeks later—after finding out that she could make serious money as an indie author and bypass all the craziness that is Big Publishing in the 21st century—she was signing the incorporation papers with us. So it goes.

Anyway, the rest is history. Feverish meetings around my dining room table, emails back and forth in a steady stream, lots of research and number-crunching, acquisitions (we happened to know some great writers who had books ready to go), and here we are, 26 days later: A forty-something energizer bunny, a fifty-something butch publishing expert, and an almost 60-something butch nerd with a sharp red pencil. Publishers.

We are an incredible blend of talents and skills, and we’re 100 percent committed to bringing fresh new authors to the marketplace and bringing old authors out of retirement—or remainderhood. We’re also committed to making e-publishing mean great publishing. We are not a vanity press; our writers are vetted, edited, coached, and supported. They don’t pay us a cent. We are real deal publishers.

I’ll leave some of the story for Renee to tell, but it’s been a wild ride. Today, we sent out the press release, blitzed our social networks and the media, toasted our success with champagne, and ate pizza. And drew up some contracts.  At the moment, we have about 30 books in various stages of undress, at least five of which will be ready for the official launch. We’re so busy, we had to close submissions before we opened them. And we’ve got some great stuff coming.

Tomorrow, we start the hard work of finding the financing we need. Please, if your money is making zip right now, consider us. I guarantee we’ll pay you better than the bank, probably even better than the stock market. Between the three of us, we have a PERFECT track record of paying folks back.  Even folks we didn’t promise to pay back.

Our Official Launch, the one where you all get to come to the party, will be March 20, 2011. There will be chocolate.

Current authors: Please read your contracts carefully. Champagne. Seriously.

  1. Congratulations. At last, three courageous and talented women have taken the old “you know we ought to start our own press” comment and made it real! Here’s to you!

  2. “Introverts never know when they’ll need a book in the middle of a party.” ~ I absolutely LOVE this line! This is so me!

    Wow, it sounds like this has all happened quite fast for you guys! Congratulations! As an aspiring author I am very interested in keeping up with you… Looking forward to your Official Launch (especially the chocolate part).

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